Paul Little, the President of Logistics Safety Solutions, Inc., has worked for over 30 years in the Canadian and US chemical industries developing an extensive knowledge of transportation safety & risk management, supply chain security and emergency response. Logistics Safety Solutions was founded on the philosophy that clear, concise and practical procedures can significantly improve a company's compliance and safety performance. One of Paul's passions is the development of logistics safety management systems, an integrated set of standards and procedures that can raise the bar in terms of transportation regulatory compliance and hazmat shipping performance.

The following are comments from those who have worked with Paul:

Working with you over the years has been an enjoyable and educational experience, and your insights have greatly assisted me in my career.

You were one of the most professional individuals I dealt with over the many years I have been in sales. Your "partnership" attitude was always evident and proved to be beneficial for both our companies.

Your personal leadership over the past several years in the area of logistics safety has allowed us to reach a level of compliance and confidence that we never enjoyed in the past.

You have been a great asset in improving logistics safety. Thank you for everything you did.

Your contribution to Responsible Care®, compliance systems and our compliance is admirable. Thank you for your assistance, guidance and friendship.

Thank you for all the support, guidance, and leadership you have provided. You have always been willing to roll up your sleeves and help solve the problems as well as provide advice or counsel when needed.