Logistics Safety Solutions, Inc. (LSSI) provides a range of hazmat valued-added services to its clients that can address the weak spots in an organization's logistics safety procedures. LSSI develops tailored processes and procedures that solve transportation compliance, hazmat and supply chain security challenges. This allows employees to stay on task and support incident-free on-time deliveries.

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Logistics Safety Management Systems

To take a set of procedures to the next level in terms of operational performance involves creating a documentation system that integrates or ties together your goals, procedures, internal assessments and corrective actions to ensure continuous improvement. Logistics Safety Solutions can develop a logistics safety management system that raises the bar in terms of regulatory compliance and hazmat shipping performance.

Procedure Preparation

Procedures are a proven method to communicate job responsibilities to employees. Comprehensive procedures also demonstrate due diligence to government agencies when your hazardous materials practices come under scrutiny. Logistics Safety Solutions can prepare clear and concise strategic plans and task-level procedures and also support their implementation with training.

Responsible Care® Support

Responsible Care® is a management system to improve the environmental, health, safety and security performance of any chemical operation. Logistics Safety Solutions has the global experience to document your distribution, emergency response and logistics security practices to demonstrate conformance to the requirements of the Responsible Care Management System® or the RC14001® technical specification. The result is a practical set of standards and procedures that supports operational excellence.

Responsible Care®, Responsible Care Management System® and RC14001® are registered trademarks of the American Chemistry Council.

Compliance Assessments

For organizations to operate efficiently and compliantly, employees need to follow procedures that incorporate regulatory requirements as well as industry leading practices. Logistics Safety Solutions can conduct a comprehensive review of your regulatory compliance, chemical handling and safety practices and make practical improvement recommendations, allowing your employees to confidently perform their responsibilities.

Virtual Logistics Safety Support

The Virtual Logistics Safety Support Program provides transportation safety, hazmat and regulatory compliance support to maintain a safe, secure and compliant supply chain during employee absences and peak work periods. Logistics Safety Solutions can step into the role of your employee (without impacting head-count) and assume a broad range of responsibilities to help maintain your company's transportation safety and compliance program.

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Load Securement Recommendations

A leading cause of transportation incidents is shifting and falling freight, which can put the public in harms-way, distract from operational performance and unfairly place a company in the media spot-light. Logistics Safety Solutions can provide proven and industry accepted load securement recommendations to satisfy your shipping needs.

Logistics Security Recommendations

One of the most active areas of regulatory rule making is chemical security. And one of the most challenging aspects of security is supply chain security: protecting raw materials during delivery and securing products during off-site storage and transportation. Logistics Safety Solutions can conduct a confidential review of your logistics security program and make recommendations to address security risks.

Fines and Penalty Mitigation

Violations are an unfortunate result of non compliance with transportation regulations. It is essential to promptly respond to a notice of violation, but it is also important to communicate your efforts to comply with the regulations. Logistics Safety Solutions can prepare a written response to a proposed violation, helping to protect your compliance record.

Logistics Service Provider Assessments

Chemical shippers should make it a practice to periodically review the environmental, health, safety and security program of their carriers and warehouses. Logistics Safety Solutions can conduct a comprehensive compliance assessment or a focused review of a particular aspect of a service provider's operation to ensure that their procedures support your logistics policy and risk management goals.