Logistics Safety Solutions Inc. (LSSI) has established alliances with selected companies that provide logistics services or supplies that compliment the services offered by LSSI. LSSI has worked directly with these companies to verify their professionalism, experience and knowledge. Our alliance partners offer the following services:

Motor Carrier Safety & Compliance

The FMCSA's (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program has raised the expectation of commercial motor carrier's on-road performance. To avoid safety-based violations, targeted enforcement and FMCSA interventions, motor carriers need a comprehensive compliance system. LSSI has partnered with industry-leading companies that can provide the support to improve your compliance program.

Transportation Regulatory Training

Training that is tailored to the student's needs can equip an organization's employees to work safely, efficiently and compliantly. The review of training is often the first information regulatory agencies want to verify during an inspection. LSSI can review your current training programs and make vendor recommendations for 49 CFR/US ground, IATA/air, IMDG/ocean and ADR/European road transportation regulatory training.

Emergency Response Training

Training for employees that respond to a hazmat incident or give technical support to those on-scene is critical to ensuring a company's risks and liabilities are managed. LSSI has partnered with industry-leading trainers to assess your emergency response needs and deliver high caliber hands-on training.